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Symfony is a set of components and an HMVC - Hierarchical Model View Controller ( even if it does not included the model layer at all ) - framework to be used in PHP programming. We rely on Open Source solutions to offer you the most durable and flexible solutions for the development of your website. Symfony Components can be used to accelerate development with the PHP language by providing reusable functional elements that can be adopted into an existing application. The functionality of these components is of very good quality and they are very robust. Symfony is known for it's focus on quality, stability and backwards compatibility.

What is Symfony ?

Profesional framework

Symfony is a framework with components which are working perfectly together and perform specific tasks to facilitate application development.
It is not essential to use a framework but it is a good practice, coding and security, which allows in particular a faster development of the site and therefore reduced costs, a common ease of work, because the use of a framework requires a common structure and rules to be respected. The framework facilitates transmission.
In practice, the framework is tailored to all types of web projects. However, we will study your project upstream in order to advise you a faster and cheaper solution to deploy if it meets your needs.

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Is Symfony fit my project?


Symfony for the intranet or extranet? Yes. For this type of need, Sympfony is even leader.
Symfony for an API or Webservice? Yes. With its HTTP architecture, Symfony is perfect for creating SOAP or REST webservices.
Symfony for Business Applications? Yes. Symfony is perfectly adapted to the realization of business tools.
Symfony for a portfolio website? It will depend on what you want to implement in your site. If you just want a site that presents your company with content pages, articles, a contact form we will instead direct you to a CMS of type Wordpress or Drupal. It will take less time to develop and will be less costly for your business and you will have more freedom afterwards.






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