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Your website on the Net unfortunately does not interest only your customers and prospects, but also malicious people seeking by all means to force the door of your virtual trade fund. Intrusion, theft of data, injection of malicious codes and malicious links, identity theft, parasiting or decommissioning of your server, the list of these criminal acts is endless… The veil of information technology that once again masked this harsh reality has a tendency to tear itself apart in the course of current events. Today, everyone is concerned with IT security: from the owner of a PC or an e-commerce site to the top of the state.

The configuration statements


Outsourcing, securing and monitoring of servers hosting applications.
Programming in compliance with security standards (PHP, Mysql, javascript, etc.)
Implementation of “home” solutions and other “alarm systems” to mitigate and prevent intrusion.
Automation of backup processes for sites and databases.
Continuous updating of our hacking knowledge.
Security patches updates and applications included in Axenet hosting formulas (especially for Open-source CMS).
Transfer of minimum knowledge and best practices to site administrators.

Coding audit


Analysis of pages of the site looking for malicious code.
Search for vulnerabilities of type XSS/SQL Injection / Authentication bypass / Privilege escalation.
Analyze the logs to confirm the origin of the traffic.
Source code analysis for malicious code.
CMS Open Source (Wordpress, Prestashop): Analysis of the entire site (version, security updates, plugins, modules, theme, specific code, etc.)
If vulnerability is discovered, propose a solution.
Possible subsequent estimate depending on the discoveries.





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